Over 90% of skincare doesn't make it past the surface. Let's fix that.

Over 90% of skincare doesn't make it past the surface. Let's fix that.

The BREEZE Airbrush Skincare system dramatically enhances your skincare routine by using clinically proven technology to transform concentrated liquid serums into a micro droplet mist. This mist is then precisely propelled directly onto your skin where the active ingredients can be absorbed and deliver results. Discover the difference of air delivered skincare.

How it Works

Just add a few drops of concentrated serums into the BREEZE Skincare device. When you pull back the trigger, air combines with the serum and propels it towards our specially designed nozzle which pressurizes the serum transforming it into a micro droplet mist 7X times smaller than a human hair. This micro droplet mist is then propelled towards the skin using the power of air. The result are skin care formulas that are significantly better and more quickly absorbed by the skin resulting in: Reduced skin irritation, decreased amounts of skincare that is wasted, and higher concentration active ingredients absorbed.

Clinically Proven Results



In a clinical study designed to evaluate the hydration of skin immediately after application and 24 hours later using the BREEZE Airbrush Skincare vs. using fingers to apply the same concentrated formula:

BREEZE dramatically increased the skin hydration immediately and 24 hours after application

100% of participants in the study had improvement in skin hydration

BREEZE delivered 2X More Hydration compared to the same formula applied using fingers alone.

Clinically Tested. Consumer Approved

Consumer Perception Study

People all over the US have experienced the powerful results of our airbrush skincare system which has been clinically shown to dramatically improve skin.

Improved the overall






About Our Skincare

Developed by leading skincare formulators and reviewed by Dermatologists for performance and efficacy, every kathy ireland beauty skincare formula is designed with the highest quality and safety standards and have been vigorously tested for skin compatibility.


Personalize Your Skincare Routine With

Skincare Serums

Each kathy ireland beauty by LUMINESS Airbrush Skincare formula contains a combination of skin beneficial, ingredients, but focus on a high-concentration of a singular active in gredient. Formulas can be combined into the airbrush system for a truely personalized skincare regimen.

Clinically Proven to Improve Hydration

Clinically Proven to Improve Hydration

Compared to applying the same formula by hand, BREEZE Airbrush Skincare doubled skin hydration in a clinical study when using the same concentration of hyaluronic acid. Using airbrush, skincare formulas deliver actives into skin using high velocity spray particles, resulting in faster absorption, allowing for higher concentration of active ingredients.

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What are the Airbrush Skincare Serums made of?

Our Airbrush Skincare range features water-based formulations* that have been expertly designed to provide you with concentrated ingredients specially designed to be applied with the airbrush device. Formulas are dermatologist reviewed and undergo extensive safety and clinical testing. Formulas are cruelty free.
*Retinol formula is oil-based

Can I use other skincare products with this Airbrush System?

We don’t recommend the use of other skincare serums with this system as this may cause damage or lack of performance of the airbrush system. However, if the serum is the same water-like consistency then you may attempt to use it.

How often do I need to clean the Airbrush Head?

The airbrush head should be cleaned after each use to ensure ideal performance. Simply add a few drops of water and pull back the trigger to flush it thru. *NEVER submerge your airbrush system.

How do I properly clean the Stylus?

1. Add a few drops of Tip Top Cleaning Solution or warm water. Activate cleaning mode by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button until LEF lights turn on for about 5 seconds.

2. Place finger over nozzle and gently pull trigger for 8-15 seconds for small bubbles to appear.

3. Pull back trigger to heavy setting to flush out any residual product onto a tissue or into a sink.

4. Remove product residue in the prodcut well with a soft cotton swab. Repeat as needed.

What do I do if my Stylus is clogged?

Make sure you are not tilting the stylus back when spraying, it must be level with the face.

1. Unscrew the No-Mess Tip (rose gold cover).

2. Once the tip is removed, unscrew the metal nozzle.

3. Ensure the area is clear of debris.

4. Screw the metal nozzle back onto the stylus head. Do not over-tighten.

5. Place the rose gold cover tip back.

6. Test again by adding product and pulling back on Trigger.

How do I switch attachment heads?

1. Turn airbrush head to the left to release from the base.

2. Lift airbrush head from base in an upward motion to remove.

3. Align airbrush head to the right to lock into place.

How often do I need to replace the Airbrush Head?

For best performance, it is recommended to replace airbrush stylus head every 120 days depending on usage.

How do I apply Airbrush Skincare using Breeze Airbrush?

1. Start by adding just a few drops of your chosen skincare into the product well at the top of the device and close the lid.

2. Close your eyes and feel the air coming out of your BREEZE which will guide your application.

3. Gently pull back on the device trigger to release the serum and mist onto the skin while moving in a circular motion.

4. Once you’ve completed your application, simply add a few drops of water into the product well and pull back fully on the trigger to clean your device.

Warnings & Cautions

WARNINGS: Use Only as Directed


  • This product contains Li-Ion batteries and should be recycled or disposed of per local and state guidelines.
  • Do not expose or dispose of this device in fire.
  • Charging or storing at temperatures below 40ºF or higher than 95ºF adversely affects lifetime of battery.


  • The BREEZE Airbrush System is designed for cosmetic use only.
  • Do not use the BREEZE Airbrush System on skin that is infected, irritated, burned, cut, or otherwise compromised.
  • Wait until the skin area has healed before beginning or continuing use.
  • The BREEZE Airbrush System should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • The BREEZE Airbrush System should not be used while driving, operating machinery, or during any activity where use may put the user at undue risk of injury.

To reduce the risk of electric shock:

  • Do not reach for a  System that is charging and has fallen into water.
  • Do not immerse System in water or use in shower.
  • Do not place or store the System where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
  • Do not use an extension cord with System
  • Unplug and remove power supply cord from System before cleaning.

To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to persons:

  • Never operate the System if it has a damaged cord, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or dropped into water while plugged in.
  • Keep System and charging cord away from heated surfaces.
  • Never drop or insert any object into any opening.
  • Never put the System in direct sunlight or store at a temperature above 140°F.
  • Keep the System and cord dry at all times. Do not handle with wet hands. Do not store in a damp environment.
  • Never attempt to open any part of the device.
  • To prevent possible damage to the cord, do not wrap cord around the System.


Please read and fully understand user manual before operation.

This device is solely intended for use on face. Any harmful consequences resulting from misuse or application to other body areas, or any other improper applications is neither responsibility of kathy ireland beauty by LUMINESS nor its affiliates.

Retinol Warning


SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains ingredients that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

WARNING: When pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to avoid any skincare products containing retinoid. Retinol containing formulas can cause irritation, peeling and general redness until skin has built a tolerability. We recommend starting slowly util your skin has adjusted if you have not used retinol products previously. For external use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appears.